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    City data: a quick way to check overall states of cities by numbers-Shanghai

    The data is everywhere when we entering so called big data era, accessing the city data is the pre-condition for understanding cities. We should access data of cities before we judge cities.

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    Best Practice: Living Water Garden of Chengdu

    In 1998 in China, the nation's first public art event for the environment — most notably the Living Water Garden. This space is now a renowned public park and employs a natural water filtration system. Through the use of the artistic treatment system of ponds, filters and flowforms, it is possible to witness the process of actually cleaning the water. SHARE

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    The CityIQ: Check how people saying and rating about their cities in intelligent urbanization

    Thanks to our CBDB (City Big Data Bank) and CityIQ Database, using the latest data collecting, processing and NLP technologies, we can realize Real-time public opinion analysis on intelligent cities development


    Courses: The Smart City in Germany - Re-considering Challenges of Sustainable Urban Development

    Give you an overview of latest smart cities development in Germany.

    Source:Spath, Senior researcher and lucturer at Freiburg University

    Smart energizing green building #Part1
    Smart energizing green building #Part2
    Smart energizing green building #Part3
    Smart energizing green building #Part4
    Smart energizing green building #Part5
    Smart energizing green building #Part6
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